Cumulative Index, 1811-1849
(The Weekly Register, Niles' Weekly Register,

Niles' National Register)


An inexpensive and thorough resource for research into American and world history for four decades of the 19th century.

- 408,000 entries relating to events, people, places, and things


- more than 28,000 individuals cited by standardized names

- more than 17,900 articles available in full-text form

- extensive coverage of major developments of the era: the War of 1812; the Napoleonic Wars; the Holy Alliance; the earliest railroads; the Erie Canal and the canal-building boom that followed; Indian wars in the United States; the introduction of the steam engine and steam boats; slavery and abolitionism; the Bank of the United States; the financial crises of 1817 and 1837; the US tariff, nullification, and the growth of American manufacturing; the revolutions of 1820, 1830, and 1848; the Mexican-American War ... and more!

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Niles' Register -- also known as The Weekly Register, Niles' Weekly Register, and Niles' National Register -- was a newsweekly founded by Hezekiah Niles in 1811. It was published by Niles or his successors until 1849. It covered both the United States and the world. The Register was famous in its own day for its comprehensiveness and reliability -- it was routinely cited as an authoritative source of information in courtrooms and legislatures -- and it has since become a standard source of information for historians and genealogists. It is available in major public and academic libraries either as bound paper volumes or in microform; it is also available in electronic form on the Internet.

The Cumulative Index to Niles' Register permits researchers to locate pertinent articles in the more than 30,000 densely printed pages that make up the work. The index includes some 408,000 references, and is organized under easy-to-grasp library-style headings. References are expressed in terms of volume and page -- as in "volume 45, page 34." This is all that is needed to look up a reference in either the paper or microform forms of the work, both of which are organized by volume. Most entries also include dates of publication.

More than 28,000 individuals are cited by name in the Cumulative Index, and names have been standardized so that one can find a reference to Henry Clay, say, by searching for that name -- even if the textual reference is actually to "Mr. Clay," "the Secretary of State," "H. Clay," or whatever. Click here for a list of names covered.

Similarly, the names of places and things have also been standardized so that one can find references to, say, Argentina or cigars even if the text refers to "Buenos Ayres" or "segars."

More than 17,900 full-text articles are embedded in the index and will be retrieved automatically (along with index entries) in response to an appropriate search. (These full-text entries, when present, appear at the ends of search results files -- that is, at the bottom.)  Results pages also include a set of links to Internet-accessible versions of all 75 volumes of the Register.

The Cumulative Index is updated at six-month intervals by the addition of at least 500 full-text articles per update.

Subscription terms:

Campus-wide, 24/7, unlimited users, unlimited use: $400 first year/$300 subsequent years

Individual (password account): $150/year or $50/three months

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